Books on Bookbinding and Visualizing

Non-Adhesive Binding Volume IV:
Smith’s Sewing Single Sheets

6 x 9 inches, 336 pages,
smyth-sewn paperback

ISBN 0-9637682-8-X


Bound / softcover


Unbound / books in sheets*

*unbound sections that can be bound by hand
Smith's Sewing Single Sheets is the fourth book in the series on non-adhesive binding. These sewings can be used to bind single sheets of paper, board, plexiglass or even metal. The finished books open flat to any page unlike traditional post- and stab-bindings commonly used to bind single sheets. This attribute makes them functional as albums for photographs and more pleasant for readers. Smith devised these sewings to make one-of-a-kind artists books from large inkjet prints.

Several Coptic sewings are described including sewing onto tapes and raised cords. Single sheets or a combination of single sheets and sections can be accommodated with these sewings. Pasting and gluing for covering the separate side-covers are described. Includes are 111 drawn diagrams plus 179 photographs of books by contemporary book artists and binders.