Books on Bookbinding and Visualizing

Non-Adhesive Binding Volume I:
Books Without Paste or Glue

6 x 9 inches, 352 pages
smyth-sewn paperback
ISBN 0-9637682-6-3


Bound / softcover


Unbound / books in sheets*

*unbound sections that can be bound by hand
Books Without Paste or Glue demonstrates basic and elaborate ways to bind books without adhesives and requires no presses or other heavy equipment. A needle, a pair of scissors and a few other minor tools are all that is needed. It also speaks to a mindful approach to bookbinding from the perspective of an image-maker: binding is considered an integral part of the statement rather than an afterthought. Sewing a blank book or rebinding an existing one differs from creating a book of text and/or pictures. Physical structure facilitates the action of turning pages. Design and craft are considered in the context of content. It is generously illustrated with 116 photographic reproductions of work by 37 contemporary artists and bookbinders

Part one is a preparation for binding a book by hand and covers the properties and use of papers, techniques for folding and measuring, marking and piercing sewing stations, and the basic tools and materials.

Part two describes 33 simple to complex bindings, from pamphlets and stabs to long stitch and coptic sewings in step-by-step written instructions and 350 detailed drawings. The elaborate procedures are followed by a condensed outline for easy review.

Part three describes various strategies for making covers, tape supports, interlocking tabs, turns-in and spine-pleats.