Books on Bookbinding and Visualizing

Non-Adhesive Binding Volume III:
Exposed Spine Sewings

6 x 9 inches, 320 pages, smyth-sewn paperback

ISBN 0-9637682-4-7

$30.00Bound / softcover

(not availble in sheets*)
Exposed Spine Sewings offers a more advanced look at hand bookbinding without paste or glue. It is illustrated with elaborate diagrams for instruction and photographs of work by contemporary binders for examples.

Part one is an introduction to raised supports with strategies for packing cords, rounding, and backing book blocks. There are instructions for making your own sewing frame.

Part Two describes sewing along the spine with written, diagrammed and photographic illustrations.

Part three offers simple to elaborate sewings across the spine that require no equipment or sewing frame, only a needle, thread and scissors. Included are single needle Coptic sewings and a variety of two-needle Coptic sewings as well as the Greek Sewing. Lesser known sewings such as the Caterpillar, Celtic Weave, Centipede, and others are included.