Books on Bookbinding and Visualizing

Text in the Book Format

6 x 9 inches, 252 pages, Smyth-sewn
ISBN 0-9740764-1-4


Bound / softcover


Unbound / books in sheets*

*unbound sections that can be bound by hand
Structure of the Visual Book introduces strategies for organizing pictures in the book format. Text in the Book Format extends these ideas for the writer and artist working with words and pages. This book is not about binding, computers, design, typography or the history of books, but examines the possibilities of conceiving text which utilizes the format to assist the written word. By considering the physicality of the book and the turning of pages, text becomes a book experience rather than a running manuscript. Writing specifically for the book format, as opposed to the single sheet format, brings to the reader a book experience. This expanded edition is illustrated with diagrams as well as photographic illustrations and includes 48 pages in color.