Books on Bookbinding and Visualizing

Structure of the Visual Book
Expanded Fourth Edition

6 x 9 inches, 432 pages, Smyth-sewn
ISBN 0-9740764-0-6


Bound / softcover


Unbound / books in sheets*

*unbound sections that can be bound by hand
Structure of the Visual Book discusses how to conceive a book of pictures as an original experience rather than reproducing a collection of existing pictures. It is an approach that conceives the book as a visual object through the understanding and application of structure. The visual book, like poetry and cinema, is conceived in time. Turning pages creates pacing. Group, series and sequence are discussed as the means of pacing and orchestrating the book. This edition numbers 432 pages and contains over 450 photographs of artists books from 148 contemporary book artists from around the world. Several chapters have been added in the expanded fourth edition including an essay on books by Nathan Lyons with a discussion of sequence illustrated by 16 photos from Lyons' books.